How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Game Using Unreal Engine?

Do you own a Fortnite account? Have you played Street Fighter 5 yet? Alright, give everything up! Batman: Arkham City (Return To Arkham) is a game you have to have played. Have you not?

Yes, in the realm of gaming, these amazing games are just buzzwords. Furthermore, as these gaming engines emerge in the distance, we are unable to look away from the Unreal engine. Thus, since their launch, Unreal games have secured a sizable market share.

Does that imply that the mobile Unreal Engine game is becoming more well-liked? Naturally, of course! These days, one of the biggest investments made in the game industry is the Unreal game. We have discussed Unreal game production quite a bit thus far. It is possible that your interest in playing cards in the game industry has increased. The most important query, though, is how much money goes into creating an Unreal Engine game?

The greatest solutions to questions about Unreal engine game development cost can be found in this blog. Let me first take you over some fascinating data about Unreal mobile games.

  • With a substantial 13% market share, the Unreal gaming engine is widely used.
  • More than 1500 producers using the Unreal engine have more than 5000 distinct goods available on the market.

These stats are astounding, are they not? Below, we’ll reveal even more astounding details about the price of developing mobile games with the Unreal Engine.

So buckle up, and let’s go straight into the piece!

Reasons For Investing In Mobile Game Development Using Unreal Engine

If you’re new to the industry, you may be wondering what the Unreal engine is all about. Therefore, before we talk about the expenses involved in creating a superb game using the Unreal engine, it would be best to address your doubt.

These are the main arguments in favor of purchasing mobile Unreal Engine games. Look down below!

1. An Open-Source Engine

Unreal is an open-source game engine, despite popular belief. It is among the most widely used and reasonably priced gaming engines on the planet. If you have a limited budget, you can use it to create amazing games without sacrificing the features and beauty of the final product.

Therefore, if you’re an investor, employing the Unreal engine can save you a tonne of money.

2. Visual Programming Language

Acquiring sophisticated programming abilities for your video game project could put a big dent in your wallet. But the Unreal engine gives you peace of mind because creating games for the platform doesn’t demand a high level of coding expertise.

Blueprints is a visual scripting language that Unreal supports. It’s an easy-to-use yet reliable substitute for traditional programming languages. Without the need for coding knowledge, blueprints let non-programmers create amazing games with ease. Thus, you can get profitable Unreal Engine games for less money.

3. Cross-Platform Engine

Platform independence characterizes the Unreal engine. It makes it simple for creators to export their games and supports a wide range of platforms and devices. Thus, it is not necessary for an investor to purchase several game engine versions that support various hardware.

The Unreal engine is compatible with a wide range of devices in addition to popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. As an investor, you can unwind while observing how well your one investment performs across many platforms, gadgets, and operating systems. Isn’t it cool?

4. Realistic Visuals

The Unreal engine’s realistic graphics for your epic games is another powerful feature. Users’ screen time is greatly influenced by aesthetics and graphics. The engine facilitates improved graphics and makes it easy for your developers to add high-quality images to your game.

5. External Software Compatibility

The Unreal engine has excellent interoperability with a wide range of third-party programmes. It works with a variety of programmes, files, and formats. So, if you use the Unreal Engine for game creation, you don’t need to set aside money for third-party integrations.

Everyone is compelled by these advantages to invest in the Unreal Engine mobile game and reap enormous profits.

Now that we know what influences the price of creating an Unreal game engine, let’s move on.

Factors Influencing Unreal Engine Game Development

The cost of developing an Unreal engine mobile game is influenced by a number of factors, just like other development methods. Before beginning the process of Unreal engine game development, you must be well informed about every area. Are you prepared now? If it’s a yes, let’s get started!

1. The Developers’ Location

The location of developers is the most important factor in Unreal Engine mobile game development costs. You have two options: hire developers that live far away to complete the project for a lower cost, or choose the closest area and pay extra. In the end, it’s up to you! The cost to Hire Dedicated Unreal Engine game developers varies by country. For example, the fees that the Unreal game developer charges in key regions are:

  • $50 to $70 an hour in the USA
  • $30 to $50 per hour in Canada
  • $20 to $40 per hour in India

2. Game Complexity

The ultimate Unreal development cost will increase with game complexity. When talking with the creators about the game’s requirements, it’s best to keep this rule in mind.

Your developers will need to devote extra effort to creating a sophisticated game. Consequently, your expenses will increase, particularly if the developers charge on an hourly basis.

Therefore, while creating a perfect Unreal game from scratch, you can choose to save money by using a fixed-cost engagement model instead of a resource- and time-based one.

3. Integrated Features

The audience is impressed by features and functionalities, in fact. If your product has more functionality than normal platforms, users will respond to it better. But adding features also means spending more on development. Create your list of specs based on your financial constraints.

4. Company’s Reputation

Most likely, a reputable company will direct you in your search for Unreal Engine mobile game developers. However, it is more expensive than starting a new business to hire developers or outsource the game production to a reputable company.

A reputable business assists you in creating cutting-edge games and offers you more product assurances. As a result, many investors incur large expenses and only provide their projects to reputable businesses.

5. Graphic Designing Work

Realistic and rich visuals are the ideal combination for an Unreal game to succeed. On the other hand, creating complex graphics requires a larger budget for game production.

Therefore, it is best to perform a financial study prior to choosing the visuals that your Unreal game will probably require.

Taking these things into account will enable you to create Unreal Engine games with the ideal budget estimate.

You are now prepared to receive the response to your mainframe query. Take a peek down below!

Cost Estimation Of Unreal Engine Game Development

The cost of the Unreal game varies depending on the nation and region. For instance, American developers charge more per hour than Indian developers do. So, by putting the developer’s location front and center, you will obtain the most accurate pricing estimate.

Additionally, the final cost will depend on the specs of your game. More development time is required for an Unreal game with intricate features and powerful graphics. The hourly development fees indicate that it will cost you more to build these grand games over longer periods of time.

Your total budget, after accounting for all of these elements, will be in the range of $20K to $75K. Your specific cost will, however, be determined by the details of your game. You can select Unreal engine game developers from the United States, Canada, or India for your bespoke Unreal project, as was previously mentioned. If you want to hire developers from the USA and Canada, you will need a large budget. However, Indian developers will keep your budget cheaper because they charge reduced fees.

You now have the power to select the game’s features, the designers’ location, and their artistic style. You can create a feature-rich, distinctive Unreal product with striking graphics for your target customers for a lower budget, or you can invest more to create a minimalistic Unreal game.

Finishing Up!

You now know how much your original Unreal Engine game will cost. Furthermore, you are fully aware of the underlying causes driving up your development costs for these kinds of items. Why do you wait, then? In the industry, Unreal Engine games are all the rage. And this is the ideal moment to spend money creating these magnificent games from the ground up.

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